Phantom Rain

3 Feb


We are being warned about wet weather conditions but I don’t remember it raining at all today – so what the fuck are they on about? Like the email I got about the storm on Friday night – where was that? I also received the very helpful email about the 18.04 that I believe is a phantom train as it is the only one we ever get emails about but look at the delay and look at when I got the email. The 18.30 was delayed for unknown reasons but this 18.46 has left on the dot of time. I say that just as we are stuck and I am able to take a lovely picture of Tower Bridge by night. Only just moving again now after about four minutes of waiting. What a balls up? Train is unnervingly empty this evening – stopped again – and I am sitting on a seat where there is either a footprint or a bike skid mark on the seat in front. Either way I have no idea why that is there but it is and you can see below. Finally had an excuse for this delay and that is “backed up traffic” and I don’t give a shit, just get going. The London Bridge people can go to Cannon Street and get the train from there so we can bump them for once. Time to post as we have man on phone sharing his life story with us and I have a YouTube video to watch. I don’t have time for this shit today. Adios, Obborati.



Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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