Too Busy

28 Jan

It is only Tuesday but the train seems oversubscribed at Plumstead when I usually expect it to be this busy a few stops further on. I had an email to say that the 7.31 was going to be 8 coaches instead of 10 but that shouldn’t make too much if a difference and the 7.41 wasn’t too short. A highly unattractive pusher is sitting nearby. She arrived just as the train was pulling in – right behind Posh Pikey who arrived and said hello to the new Tinie Tempah wannabe – and this silly slag has now occupied two seats with her ass and patchwork bag from circa 1994 and her hair is amber coloured mostly but we can tell she isn’t a natural amber because of the huge black furry slugs that are sitting atop her eyes. She has a lanyard on that reads “staff” but I can’t imagine what sort of an employer would pay that but then again volunteers lanyards as well. She hasn’t moved her scabby bag at all yet and I don’t think she will. It was funny watching her arrive at the station when the train was moving past as she tried to guesstimate where she needed to stand in order to push in front of everyone who had arrived on time. A veritable amateur. Meanwhile I can safely say that it won’t rain today as Posh Pikey had his massive golf umbrella with him and he never gets it right. I think he also had sunglasses on but I didn’t want to swerve around to get a closer look in case I parked last night’s dinner on the platform edge. I am going to post now as I am penned in by a man with his legs agape, the newspaper spread out and who has a wardrobe in his kitchen as he stinks of burnt cooking oil. Classy bastard. It’s a wonder I haven’t dropped down and raped him yet as he is so fucking attractive.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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