No Emails

27 Jan


To me, getting to the station and seeing the sight above rakes up dread and dispair. No emails though and the National Rail app says all is well… I will see when I am brave enough to go in. If there are people stacked up to the top of the steps though I am not hopeful. Inside the station now and the 18.30 is late and going fast to Dartford – isn’t that nice how they bump stations when the train is a few minutes late. Signalling problem allegedly but I still have no emails to report this. On the 18.46 and it has just arrived at 18.43 and there are still no emails about the fuck up. What a wonderful Monday? Woman tutting and getting stressed on the platform when she is stuck behind a man walking and texting. No need to get stressed though as the train was nowhere to be seen at that point and so I told her to which she huffed. Silly slag. The issue is “an ongoing signalling problem between Cannon Street and London Bridge station” and I don’t believe a word of it. One train running late and missing it’s slot can fuck it all up for hours through London Bridge. A bad day for the trains but a wonderful day for a cyclists who got punched in the face by an Audience driver in Farringdon. Just leaving Cannon Street four minutes late by the way. Back to the cyclist. I read about it in the Mail – – and I had to laugh my ass off. Self righteous cyclist stops to confront the Audi for stopping in the cycle box at the traffic lights. Car drives off, cyclist catches up, confronts again and passenger gets out and smacks him in the kisser. Hurrah to the motorist. Why does that cock on two wheels think it is OK to confront a car when you know full well he has run red lights, not stopped in that stupid fucking little box and almost knocked over seven thousand pedestrians that morning already? Where is his logic? Why is he allowed to question his other road users when I have to question then when they are up on the fucking pavement which isn’t even their area? They have no rights at all when the vehicle they are confronting is bigger than they are. Put up and shut the fuck up. Be thankful he didn’t just “swerve” into you instead of getting a punch in the face. I left my comment on the story but I am unsure if it was published. I did ask for all the cycle haters – and there were a lot as the top comment had over 3000 green arrows and was saying what a bunch of absolute pricks they all are in a far less obvious way – to open their gobs when the cyclists piss them off because the HAVE to be told. They have to be put in their place. Anyway, time to post. We are on the move after collecting all the poor fuckers who were bumped from the 18.30. I can only assume that it is the time of year where delays are calculated and they want their figures to look good. What a fucking joke.


Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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