24 Jan


What a drama that hospital was? I got there so early and despite there being virtually nobody in the waiting area the delay jumped from 45 to 90 minutes. I can only assume Southeastern have something to do with it as no excuse was given at all. No apology was made either. The only bonus was Luke the medical student who was very gorgeous who led me to the consultant who asked what my symptoms were – like it was the first trip I have had there. A complete waste of my time and I have a referral to a physio now but in order to do that I have to see old Dr Bitchlips Shah and I think I would rather slip my wrists and live a cripple than do that. I saw the fat slag having a fag in the porch of the surgery on Tuesday night when it had closed, so it apparently wasn’t against the law despite the fact a patient would be told off for doing it. She needs to just die. Anyway, I am on the 20.27 as I went for some diet cokes after work with my colleagues and it was a nice evening. I went to Cannon Street as the train isn’t busy from there at all at this time of night. The pub was rammed as it was a sports bar and it is payday Friday for some but not for us. It will be nice to get home, cook some dinner and get myself prepared for my afternoon taking tea with the Duchess tomorrow. Work was fine this afternoon when I finally tripped my merry way in and as I travelled after the dreadful rush hour it was pretty uneventful as this evening is. This train is blissfully empty now, and it is a new train with not enough seats. I am sitting in the space for wheelchairs and bikes as you get way more room. It is at the end of a carriage with the flip down seats. They are more comfortable than the seats in the rest of the train. I just remembered a photo I took earlier from and Overground train where it is just one long carriage, a bit like the old bendy buses. It is very odd being able to look right the way down without any connecting doors. Southeastern trains would be better if they were like that as it has way more room to stand so they could pack more people on when they send short formed trains. I think it is time to post as I have ranted on enough this week. Home to food, bath and bed – oh and I have to do my nails for tomorrow so the posh folk don’t look down their nose at me. Saying that as soon as I open my gob my cover will be blown. I must remember not to swear. It is The Ritz after all.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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