Throwback Tuesday

21 Jan


As I sauntered past the Royal Exchange – my home from home – I heard a noise from the olden days. Wheels against pavement – yes, a man in rollerskates which prompted me to ask outloud if we were back in the 90s? Bearing in mind he is old enough to know better, I can only assume he was a fuckwit. Funny that, isn’t it? Cyclists pissed me again but then they do every day. Light are red for us to cross on London Wall and we do, but bitch on two wheels thinks that as soon as the road is clear of pedestrians it is fine to peddle on through. I see her start to move, stop and turn to ask her if she missed the red light just in time to see her hefty ass peddle away while the other cyclist stopped nicely at the lights. A man who had just managed to get over in front of her turned to ask me if she had jumped the lights and then we proceeded to slag her and all cyclists off and he said the same as I do every day, and that is that he almost gets run over by them every day. I wish others would speak out like I do. It really does feel like a losing battle hearing people agree with me but not to those wankers. I am on the 18.46 now and it is filling up nicely. Where the man was sat last night with his VIB on the inside is another man in the same place. The man yesterday pretended to be asleep when we got to London Bridge where we were overloaded with livestock and there were people standing and next to him but he didn’t even flinch in order to shift his bag so someone could sit down. Prick on the DLR went a step further this morning and had a VVIB as he stood up so his bag could occupy the empty seat next to me. Fuck knows why he stood up and if I didn’t have a seat and saw that I would have asked him to move it so I could sit down. I took the picture above of him – on the left is his VIB and on the right is his crotch in my eye line. How pleasant? Just what one needs on an already hellish journey. I got so fed up with the shuffling idiots at Bank waiting to go up the escalators that I bit the bullet and went up the stairs in the middle. Thankfully I had a man right in front of me and so I had him to block out quite how many steps there were to climb. I got to the top, composed myself as I walked still and carried on to the next set. Then I got the escalator as the mental amount of people all fuck off to the Northern Line. They really need a new way to get to that line from the DLR as it causes so much drama. Pushing, shoving and tutting which isn’t helped when there are mincers with those drag along laptop bags. Even worse when you can’t see them and then are forced to stop in your tracks when one is nipping at your ankles. They along with buggies shouldn’t be allowed on public transport ever, or suitcases. This time tomorrow I will be seated with the Duchess of Northolt, Dame Sparkles and the Empress of Erith for an evening of celebrity. Nothing more than we deserve of course but it does mean a 5pm journey to the O2 which I am dreading in my glamour get up. We shall see. Still have tomorrow morning to get through as well. Time to post.

Sorry for the spelling mistakes but it was posted with WordPress for BlackBerry dahling.


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