BIG Mistake

16 Jan

It is 7.48 and I am on a 180 and Woolwich bound for the DLR. There aren’t any train issues but I wanted to spend a bit more time getting ready this morning as I am out later but fuck me this was a mistake. I am upstairs on this bus and all I can hear from behind me is that faux gangsta accent that many boys seem to adopt in this area. You know the type, they say aks instead of ask because they are fucking thick as shit and need to all be removed as they have no ambition to be anything other than a fucking wanker. It is a horrible journey so far and I am not even there yet. Argument with a stupid school girl who was stood right at the bottom on the stairs and then tutting when people were barging past her – upstairs was the logical choice as there are seats available here – and she was so very lippy and didn’t move when I told her to go and stand about two metres further down the bus which did have a bit of space. Then she continued to shout as I got up the stairs. The youth of today – fuck me, we have absolutely no chance at all. Finally off and waiting for the DLR and I think I should have just gone and got the train but it’s too late now. The fat kid was still stood at the bottom of the steps so all of that drama and attitude was pointless as she wasn’t even off the bus before me and wanted to wait there for that reason. I have learned my lesson now, and that is to just stick with what you know unless you are given no option. No need to do this today except for my own needs and so I won’t bother again. Already had to let one bus go past at the bus stop as the bottom was rammed as people couldn’t be arsed to walk upstairs. Do they think something will happen to them? Is it like why people refuse to let a single drop of rain fall onto them? I don’t get it; if there is no room down below then shift up the stairs. On the DLR now and it is just as vile as that fucking bus. I have my ipod in but I can hear the snorting back of snot in my left ear from the man who is practically sitting on my left thigh. I will turn up the tunes in a moment to drown it out or hope that he drowns in a pool of his own mucus in the interim period. Fucking disgusting. Just get a tissue you skanky fuck. Finally on the move. Today it is five years since the DLR opened in Woolwich and it seems to have flown by, and in that time I can’t be more thankful for it as it has saved me so many times when Southeastern are being a bunch of pricks and causing issues that don’t need to be there. Travelling after 8am is only for the brave though as it is when it gets ridiculously busy – I had forgotten this fact until this morning. Oh, before I forget, to the Obborati who wishes to be unsubscribed from the email – I can’t remove you so you will either have to log in to your WordPress account and delete if you have one, see if there is an unsubscribe link in the email you get or just opt to block that email from your provider. Many thanks.


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