Sweaty Fanny

10 Jan


I just saw an attention seeker. Coming out from an office and all ready to go jogging. She broke into a jog as I neared her and then I realised her attire was all wrong. Tiny little shorts and the tights she had no doubt been wearing all day with a skirt or dress and which will already have a sweaty crotch bit the jogging will only add to it. She might as well throw then away when she gets in as that stench won’t even come out. What a stupid bitch? The painting from the other day had been defaced when I arrived at work this morning but by 11am it was all freshly painted again and all ready for the next lot of taggers to have a go at over the weekend. The trains were meant to be a bit fucked because someone couldn’t take it anymore and got hit by a train but they seem ok and no delays so far – touch wood. The station was predictably quiet but that is why some people think it is OK to sit in the middle of two seats – see below, with double pompom going on. She slumped into the space and now has her Phablet out – see picture of the reflection in the window below – and she won’t move for anyone. A VIB has just been given its own seat as well nearby. What a cornucopia of fuckwittery we have this evening. Well thank fuck it is Friday and I have two days without this bullshit. Still blown away by Oompa Lumpa mother this morning and her dramatic window slamming. Perhaps she will pay attention to the weather forecast in future so she knows it’s going to be cold and so she can dress accordingly. Then perhaps on days when they have Amy Childs wannabe with them, they don’t notice the cold because of the hot air that emminates from her gob. I wish they would all just die. Jesus – VIB owner has just clamped his legs up and he is now sitting in a near-foetal position. See below because he is so engrossed in the paper that I was able to get another picture and probably could get away with the fucking flash on and very loud camera sounds and he wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Nothing like making yourself comfortable is there? And that is nothing like making yourself comfortable. Time to post now as we are moving and I am ready to get my music on and to shoot disapproving looks at the VIB and bobble headed fuckwits when they don’t move at London Bridge to let the livestock on. Happy weekend, Obborati.







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