10 Jan


The landslip from last night is causing delays in my line again. BBC Breakfast did say that trains from Dartford and Catford I think it was were doing to be disrupted but now I am at the station at 7.39 and the train is not due until 7.47 – and so far there is no announcement and I haven’t had an email about it. The trains before we’re perfectly fine as I checked as soon as I saw about delays on the news this morning. Posh Pikey and the ball airer arrived this morning but neither decided to rape me today. Posh Pikey stood at the next door down and I breathed a sigh of relief as he had his fucking headphones on and I am not in the mood for gay anthems at such an early hour when I had a strange sleep last night. Ball airer stood by me but not inside me today so that was nice. Picture of Posh Pikey from afar below for you. You can spot him with his mincey little bag again. The fast train went through at 7.40 and it was packed so I was worried about this one – no announcements about the delays by the way, and they didn’t even say “the delayed 7.41” when they announced its arrival – but it isn’t too bad. Oompa Lumpa and mother are on board and the mother just did something very over dramatic. She got up at Woolwich Arsenal when people were vacating seats two rows in front and on the other side of the train, and slammed the window shut. Why? If you are cold, wear more. It is January after all. I did want to say to them that they opened the window when I was behind them before prompting me to close it again to much tuts and muttering once the train sped up and I had turned blue, all because Oompa Lumpa was to hot. Didn’t bother to take her scabby coat off of course because that would have been too easy. I gave the mother a look as she bolted back down the carriage to make sure nobody sat in her seat. Eye rolling and disapproving but I doubt she even got it. Fucking moron. Who cares if you are cold all the way over there when the people by the window are able to cope, and it isn’t even that cold. Thank fuck it is Friday though, and although it wasn’t quite the start that I had hoped, it isn’t too bad. Almost got ran over by a car who didn’t want to wait for me to get across the road while he ignored the red light for him, then by a bitch who kept going when I was crossing at a junction where I was already halfway across – I am sure I have right of way if that happens – and just as I got to the other side behind her shitty little Nissan, I had to ask a cyclist why he wasn’t riding on the road. Coming at me, on the pavement with all the safety gear on and a bright headlight but all of that wasted as the road was as empty as the pavement and in those circumstances there is no fucking excuse at all. Time to post as it’s getting a bit busy now.



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