What The Fuck?

9 Jan



Well they have surpassed themselves this time. I am on the DLR after battling for ten minutes to get through the ticket barrier at Bank as there was overcrowding on the Northern Line and all because of a fucking landslip. Yes, you read that right. A landslip which is by Barnhurst and my train doesn’t go down that line so duck knows why Greenwich line trains have been cancelled. I read on the Southeastern website that Barnhurst trains are being diverted down my line but why do they get priority? They had extra fucking trains on Monday evening when the passenger fell ill. Why is there priority for fucked up trains over scheduled trains? Logic? Bank was awful. All the people clamouring to get through two barriers and most of those people were going to the Northern Line. Poor DLR folk must share the entrance with those people. We had the choice of queueing or going slightly more quickly via the Central Line platform which is a hike and I would rather lay down in the middle of the corridor I did pass down and let people trample me than do that walk. Up and down and up and down and along a busy platform and up and down and up and down yet again. You get the picture. Fucking awful. Just checked National Rail website again and guess what? No other trains after my 18.46 has been cancelled. Fucking HELL. I hate those c*nts. Tomorrow is Friday and I shall breathe now before my head explodes. Friday should be nice – it is usually a bit quieter on the train and it should be dry as well. Work shouldn’t be too taxing. Just need to hold out for 24 hours as this time tomorrow I will be en route to Casa de Jour for two days of fuck all. I cannot wait. It is needed. Not aching as much this evening as I was the rest of the week and I got electricity this morning when I popped into the newsagents by work for diet coke. Time to post. I need to prepare for the pikey express bus from Woolwich now. I may try and injure myself as the thought of a lift in an ambulance is more appealing right now than that shit.



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