Generic Problems

9 Jan


Well we had come this far without the morning “problems on the line” and today they have struck. Arrived at the station a coiple.of minutes later than usual because I saw the delays advertised from about 7am and so didn’t think it was worthwhile to rush. It was a slight morning from hell back at Casa de Jour as the electricity ran out just as I set foot under the shower. Navigating to the cupboard in the dark while wet and naked wasn’t pleasant and it is a wonder that I didn’t step on anything in my way. First stop was the bedroom to locate the torch and then onto the cupboard after moving all the crap in front of it. What a nightmare. Sorted though and it didn’t delay me much. As I arrived at the station I spotted the ball airer stood inside Posh Pikey and it wasn’t a pretty sight at all. I stood behind then but as close as I could so that they felt as violated as I do when they do the same to me. I was able to capture them both in a single image for you which is above. You can see the vile old lady hold all that Posh Pikey loves to carry about – fuck knows what’s in it – and then the dirty old man trousers and dodgy shoes that the ball airer wears. The 7.41 arrived early and I don’t know how that happened when the 7.21 and 7.31 were both late. The fast train that usually comes through at about 7.35 was late as well. I also don’t understand how this train is so busy when the trains before it were both late and should have picked up the early comers for this train. Carol Kirkwood told me that it should be dry today so I have the ratskin coat on instead of the waterproof. Downside is that it is black so I now merge with the melee of fuckwittery that is the livestock whereas with the bright pink coat on I stand out proudly and let people look at my lovely plumage. No Amy Childs wannabe or any of her minions today so that is only one day this week so far that I have had to endure her massive gob and choking toddler laugh. I can’t wait for the weekend. Coming back after two weeks off into a five day stretch was stupid of me. I usually do those couple of days after the New Year break but I chose not to this year and I am paying for it now as I am pretty shattered. My legs ache from being straight back into walking five miles a day – and I barely moved over Christmas – and I have shin splints now when I walk. Had a hot bath last night to ease my aching self and it helped a bit but I need more rest this weekend. I plan to do nothing which will be a change after my Q4 business at the end of 2013. I think it is time to post now. I want to get the ipod out as this carriage is silent. Posh Pikey hasn’t got his headphones today so we aren’t all listening to his gay anthems coming out. I need more than this, Obborati.


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