No Change There Then

6 Jan

I have a spring in my step as I have both Jared and Shannon Leto in my bag and the day wasn’t too bad at all. The thing making me want to kill are all the fuckwits I have encountered since leaving the office at 6pm. Too many of them. Clearly nobody wanted to become a safer cyclist as they are still breaking the law all over the place and now of course the visual “deterrent” of an overweight high vised doughnut eater at a traffic island isn’t there anymore. I wonder how much that cost and in turn how much they made in fines. They can’t have come close to breaking even there. Work was great as there was a management training day meaning all the people who usually ask me to do stuff weren’t in the place doing there thing and I had a lovely nine year old daughter of my boss to look after. She is nine and looks about 13 or 14 as she is so tall. Lovely girl anyway and we had lots of fun. Trains seem to be on time but I have an idiot chomping on crisps opposite me who also has a VIB next to him. He has put the huge bag of crisps down next to his VIB so he can have a drink now too. I am too good for this. Too good to be mixing with this sort of life form. Semi attractive man who sat in front has now lost all appeal as he too is stuffing his face with crisps very loudly. It seems that upping the calorie intake for two weeks for some has meant they must continue in the same way or they will die. You know they will be eating dinner when they get home tonight too. This isn’t the buffet car, it is a normal carriage so leave your fucking munching at the door. I don’t want to be surrounded by stinking food and lip smacking. Bloke in front also has an iPad. Please – go away. I don’t want to be near you and I was here first. You might look attractive but that’s where it ends. Vile. The bus this morning wasn’t bad but the wait was horrific as it was raining and that combined with the Shard Vortex was horrible. Blowing an absolute gale out there in that tiny area. I must admit I am now mesmerised by the man in front and his eyelashes as they are very long and I cannot resist a long eyelash on a man. It is an odd fetish but it is the truth and you know I am big on saying what I mean. Currently being penned in by a city boy in a very mincey overcoat who has strewn his bags over the floor at his feet and instead of getting them shifted, he has just put his feet on them. Must be lovely to be able to trample on your purchases as if they don’t matter. He is just the same as the other pikey on this train though, reading his football updates. Give me strength. I think I have to post now. I need to conserve my energy for the rest of this journey and so I can cook dinner when I get in. Then of course flop on the bed and sleep. Can’t wait.


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