Happy New Zzzzzzzzz

6 Jan


How is it that time already? It has been more than two weeks since I last got myself onto a train. I saw the mattress above on the pavement and fuck me it looked tempting even though it looked flea bitten and wet through. I have had about four and a half hours sleep so I am dying already. The train isn’t too busy but the station was heaving with thickos buying their ticket this morning rather than planning ahead and going before now. I did mine online yesterday and validated when I touched in at Plumstead. About ten people were queueing up and there was also someone handing about leaflets about the fare rises and I shall say now what I said then “you would have had to have been in a coma not to know about it so why not her handing out leaflets about it now?” and there wasn’t a flicker as I battled through the fuckwits all standing in the ticket office who didn’t want to get wet standing on the platform in the non existent rain which was falling. The train is pissing me off already because we had four announcements for Woolwich Arsenal which is a matter of two minutes from Plumstead and I can only imagine the number has been upped to ensure the people like me who haven’t had much sleep and have nodded off don’t miss their stop. I can’t believe people who fall asleep on the train. How can you do that? No Amy Childs wannabe and her minions which is a wonderful new year gift to us all. With any luck she has been washed away in a flood. Diet starts again today and I am brimming with Slimfast in an attempt to lose the other two and a half stone which is now three as I gained over the festive season after stuffing my face with anything in sight. Fuck me it was good. Looking forward to seeing everyone at work but as always this journey is the downside of my day. It had been pissing down before I left the house but it has stopped now, although I do have on my fabulous waterproof just in case. It is way too warm to wear the ratskin coat though underneath as I m wearing my Christmas jumper which was at the O2 four times in 2013. It became my gig jumper. How was your festive period then, Obborati? Did you get shit faced and hurl abuse at cyclists? I did even though I wasn’t in London. It felt good. Time to post as we collect yet more miserable livestock from Westcombe Park – today they are the most miserable because they don’t want to go back to work. I am looking forward to the 7.39 programme tonight about people who meet on their train to work and have an affair. None of these mingers are worthy though for me sadly.


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