Final Farewell

19 Dec


What a wonderful final morning from Southeastern for me? All trains fucked and a couple of cancellations thrown in for good measure. I am on the DLR because I deserve more. What an absolute mess? The lady who usually gets my train and is very nice – and therefore doesn’t merit a mention usually – was getting onto the 469 that I was on, but I am not sure where she got off. Guessing Woolwich for the DLR possibly or another bus. At least Bank is a little more commuter friendly now that I don’t have to come out and walk along more platforms to get out, all during a three mole hike surrounded by slow wankers. I have to shop for work on my way in today because everything is left to the last minute. At least it is only four hours I have to get through and I can be gone. The DLR isn’t as busy as you would expect it to be when there is train fuckage going down. I am surprised. The last morning commute for 2013 is so far pretty tame. Well, I am being pinned in by a female wrestler who is spreading out reading the paper. Just had to have a look at the face to check it was female and I was correct. The moon is out and shining bright again today. I didn’t get a picture though as I knew it would look shit. I may wake up this time tomorrow just to go and snap it. I can do it from the back garden as it is that side of my house at the moment. I will see what happens. The motion of the train is making the lardass next to me keep bashing into me and so I shall take this opportunity to post and turn my music up. Until this afternoon, Obborati.



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