11 Dec


What the fuck is going on? I get an email to say the 7.21 is cancelled and then the national rail enquiries app says it is just delayed. As I watched the time get more and more delayed I just thought fuck it and I got the 422 – which was a mission with the fucking morons all stood by the doors as always – to Woolwich and I am sitting on the DLR. Not ideal but I am done with Southeastern shit this week. I just don’t understand it. The email said cancelled due to a train fault and by the time I left the house it was showing as delayed for about six minutes. Where do they get their information from? Why isn’t the information that they email the same as the enquiries information? Why – and I ask it again – is real time updates so fucking g difficult? That bus journey was hell this morning. When I managed to sit down I had two school boys stood next to me who had just thrown a load of chewing gum into their gobs so all I could hear was that fucking awful lip smacking noise which drives the Duchess of Northolt completely bonkers and I have to say that this morning I was right with her. I almost said something to then about thinking who is at head height with then when they do it – as the smaller one was a midget and right by my ear – but they wouldn’t understand simple English. Time to post, I am done here. Wet Wet Wet tonight with the Princess of Plumstead and so I probably won’t be blogging. Still deciding the best route to get there and wondering how Stratford is of an evening… I will let you know tomorrow.


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