4 Dec


I know it is a bit cold lately but there has been no wind and certainly no rain, so why oh why do people wander along with their hoods up still? As I passed the bus stop there was a small child with her hood up, and she was looking down and wandering about looking at the floor. As I neared her she turned and almost walked into me. What the fuck? Just look up and take the hood down. No need to block out your heating and vision for the sake of a warm head when all you need is a bloody hat. I hate wearing a hood as it cuts off so much that you need to be safe. I can’t see properly to the side when crossing the road and I can’t hear people coming behind me or from beside me. A selfish VIS last night on the bus who happily let a man very unsteady on his feet walk past to the back of the bus along with a man with a walking stick. I really wanted to say something to her but I then thought that she will be foreign and wouldn’t understand me anyway. The train is slightly more busy that usual this morning but was on time. The man who likes to air his balls on the platform edge wasn’t there today thank fuck. I can’t deal with him every day. Again we have no Amy Childs wannabe but there is a girl who is positively orange who has been getting on at Plumstead for the last few days who could be the new ACW if she had a companion as she looks as though she has a gob on her. Thank fuck she travels alone. Time to post. My spare seat has been transformed into a beauty parlour again. Yawn.


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