4 Dec


What a shit display? Not even a tree this year at GAY Cannon Street – which is, for my newer readers, just a building with gawdy disco lights in the reception area as you can see here. The tasteful blue and silver tree has gone for this year and replaced with this bullshit. I bet it cost more too. On the train now and they are all delayed by a few minutes but no announcement is made about it and no explanation given. No email alerts yet either but I expect a flurry in about an hour when I am home and all the trains they message about are already on their return journey. Just noticed a lively piece of graffiti scratched into the back of the seat in front which I believe says “I hate blacks” but they spelled hate with a d and then scribbled out something after the blacks. I shall share below for your perusal. It is so thoughtful when people give you something to read and there are no papers about to pick up. I have two by my feet at the moment which I was going to shove forward but there is someone how sitting there and so it will be obvious. Like I give a shit. Man has just got on who is clearly getting off at London Bridge. There are loads of seats but he is stood in the doorway and right in the way of people wanting to get on. He isn’t a small man either. What a wanker. I have noticed this week that there are too many adverts on Southeastern that are Christmas themed and begging for cash. Tonight we have NSPCC And Greenpeace. Santa saying he is hot because of the ice melting on the north pole and something about a kid being beaten up. Why do they think we have money to spare at Christmas? It is the most expensive time of year. Some of us – yes, me – have had a fund raising year and I personally have raised and donated about 350 quid for a friend who has a son with Autism and the money is to pay for therapy. I would rather be charitable when I can see it making a difference and I know the money is directly helping him rather than donating to a faceless cause where they have to pay for overheads and staff. Time to post as I can’t be arsed any more today. Seems I say that every day though. Get me home, warm, fed and to bed.



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