3 Dec


Row with a cocky wanker on two wheels tonight who still thinks he is in the right and stopping for a red light in the middle of the pedestrian crossing. I made my obligatory comment and he wanted to continue the discussion and so I let rip and said he should be next under a bus and with any luck the cocky bastard will be. How dare these arseholes be so cocky when they are in the wrong? I was berated for using vile language but who gives a fuck when they don’t listen anyway? My walk continued and then I was beeped at by a Mercedes while I was crossing the road and didn’t move out of his mid-life crisis way fast enough for him to continue. He also got a gob full and I didn’t hold back. On both occasions I was stared at by other people but not a mouth was opened to agree. Where are your voices, people? I can’t be Sarah Connor on my own. On board the train and I can only think that at some stage today it has been delayed. Two empty blister packs of tablets are left on a seat – and nobody has the sense to move them into a bin or onto the floor and are sitting elsewhere – and I guess that someone got so fed up with Southeastern that they decided to take their own life. Rest in peace, commuter. No younger rash mugs tonight but instead I have Hutchins and titch – see below. The thoughts that go through the fuckwit heads when they think writing gibberish on a train seat amaze me. Why? Who cares? If you want to make a statement then go big. The suicide seat is still vacant. Along with the blister pack is also a bit of tissue. I can’t believe people won’t even put their VIB on that spot. It is laughable. If I had no choice I would just flick the crap onto the floor, plonk my ass down and then use my hand sanitiser to clean the scum off. Sometimes the sanitiser isn’t even needed. Give me strength. Time to post. I am ready to kill.




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