29 Nov


I saw a fair few sights last night that are far too good not to blog about. The first is above and she was sitting opposite me at the back of the bus while I was on my way to London Bridge as I couldn’t be arsed to walk. I didn’t notice her hands at first as I was drawn to her gaping legs – she may well have been a he from the waist down as her width would have given most men a run for their money. It’s not warm enough to merit having to let the air get at it, but she was and it wasn’t pretty. Then I saw her hands. She was wearing surgical gloves and I came to the conclusion that she either had really bad OCD or she was just mental. She looked as though she was trying to be cool so I shall guess the latter as she wasn’t weird about other things she was doing. Very odd girl indeed and those gloves just blew me away. I almost didn’t get a picture but then the bus cleared out a bit and I was able to, but not of her legs sadly. Then again if I go panorama it isn’t as subtle to get the picture and panorama would have been needed. So onto the train journey home and a moment where I was lost for words. The train arrived at London Bridge where it terminated from its inward journey. A veritable chavalanche got off – hoodies, track is, hair extensions, fake nails, attitude and a brown baby. This said child was in one of those massive three wheeled buggies – and this was after ten at night when the kid should be in bed asleep but it was out with its chavvy mother. This buggy was obviously new and she was the last to try and get off. She levered the buggy over the step and then somehow wedged the front wheel down the gap between the train and the platform, as if she was trying to empty out a wheel barrow. What the fuck? We just stood there agasp and unsure if it was a joke or if she was serious. None of the pikey friends stopped to help her and neither did the platform Benny. The kid wasn’t too worried about it so maybe it happens all the time, but it was almost slapstick. It isn’t often that I am speechless but seeing that left me stunned for sure. So on to this morning and the train is running fine, and it’s pretty empty except for the moronic woman next to me who has one of her bags sticking out from under my seat. She is clearly a fuckwit as she didn’t notice the luggage rack. I think it is high time they started putting signs up so people know what it is for as many think it is a magazine rack. She made a vain attempt to move the bag when I came and sat down but as it is mostly under my legs I can’t be arsed to moan. I shall just kick the shit out of it and ensure she won’t think of leaving her mincey bag in the floor of a train again. Dopey bitch. I am out again this evening so I doubt you will get a post. Just thought I would warn you so you aren’t worrying all weekend. Time to post.


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