Mobility Madness

28 Nov

Never happened to me before, but I was almost run over by a fat bastard on a mobility scooter. I had already slowed down as there is a road to cross, with a sharp corner for both road and pavement traffic. He hadn’t bothered to slow down and so came hurtling around the corner and almost right into me. I had to move out of his way and as I shouted “Jesus christ” from the sheer shock of that happening, he just carried in going as if almost running people down was something that happened every single day. Mobility scooters shouldn’t be allowed. They are for fat people who are too lazy to walk. If these people had an actual disability they would have a wheelchair. Fat people should walk rather than have a motorised chair, and so why are they allowed? They can’t walk because they are fat, and they are fat because they can’t walk. Well, they can walk but they would rather not as it is too much effort. Not even an apology from these people when they do it, like it is your fault. Pricks. The train was on time this morning and Posh Pikey was dressed down. Well for him dressed down is still very much dressed up as he likes to take the opportunity to show off his fine pieces but then he keeps forgetting he lives in Plumstead where he just looks like a wanker. He had yet another hold all with him this morning. I just don’t get him at all. I don’t ever want to either. No Amy Childs wannabe or any minions today, no idea where they have gone this week. I am roasting as I have on layers but it isn’t cold today. Slight dogs dinner going on as I am meeting some pals this evening so I didn’t want to be trainer-tastic on a Thursday night so I have on a slightly more smart outfit but still as casual as fuck as I only ever dress up smartly when there is a job interview or if I need to go to court. The latter has never happened but I hope to be visiting a public gallery with the Baroness of Amazingstoke in the new year. Love a bit of court room drama. As long as it isn’t a vile case. Even then I am not sure quite how smart I will go. Oh, I have tea at the Ritz in January with the Duchess and so then I must make an effort. Time to post. I am waffling.


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