26 Nov


How annoying? My hard earned money is being spent between now and Christmas on police being out on the streets at junctions to assist with the safety of cyclists. Great – they may stop being complete wankers for a month but then it will end when the police fuck off back to doing other things again. Apparently they will be talking to all road users and pedestrians as well as handing out tickets to people. Well – I shall keep my eyes peeled for these police as I doubt there will be any where I must fight the good fight alone. The train was on time, and Posh Pikey was there this morning and he hasn’t been on this train for a while now. No earphones pumping out dodgy tunes but instead a fat wanker appeared and hovered by me with his crappo music making me want to hurl him in front of the train as it arrived. Train is quite busy today and I had to get a VIB to move. Man sitting opposite it, and leaning forward as if praying to it. I didn’t open my mouth, I just stood by the bag and waited for the inevitable. He mustn’t have got a commuter train before. He tutted when he had to move but I couldn’t give a fuck. Now he is sitting and making that same mouth moment that Gordon Brown makes – you know, like a praying mantis and it makes that saliva-y sound which is annoying. I am going to post in a moment so I can sit and shoot him evils but I shall share my picture of Sophie Grigson and companion from the platform as they were both at Plumstead this morning. Oh the moron with the bag is getting off the train now at Woolwich dockyard. I have just noticed the fat bastard with the shit music is sitting opposite me. I can’t hear music now though. Wanker. Time for my ipod.


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