Newbie Monday Wanderer

25 Nov

The tallest man in Plumstead has started getting the 7.41 and he isn’t one to stand still. He arrived after I did but chose to stand in front of me and so blocked out all of the natural light. He was facing the wrong way though instead of looking along the tracks to wee if our train is coming and then after a few moments he started pacing along up and down. He stayed nearby and then decided to walk along the platform and away from my designated area. I was then alone until the train pulled in when all the wankers arrived and one managed to push in. He is now sat behind me snorting back his snot and flicking through the paper. I have my ipod on and I am listening to Thirty Seconds To Mars to relive my Saturday evening with the delectable Leto brothers and that other random bloke in their band. Amy Childs wannabe is here and before I got the ipod out, I heard her complain that her feet were hurting all weekend as she wore heels on Friday all day. Boo hoo, moron. How does she do it? Not a day goes by when I am not astounded by her sheer stupidity. Time to post I am afraid as I am now penned in and she wants to do her makeup.


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