Conflicting Information

22 Nov


The board says the train is on time and the National Rail Enquiry app says it is three minutes late. Who knows the truth? It was three minutes late, so I now know who I will be listening to in future. A new person who I detest has started getting my train, and I first started haring her even before I knew she got the same train as me to work as she also gets the same bus from London Bridge and loves to push at both destinations. She is a ratty looking trendy wannabe woman and she is always with an even rattier camp looking and sounding Asian male who is very petite I deed. She is now sat opposite me and has her massive bags on the seat next to her as she really thinks she is that important. The dirty looks she shoots everyone is hilarious and I literally can’t wait to tell her where to go when she tried to push in front of me at the bus stop. The other day they arrived and just sat further down the line a way back from the end of it and so people filled the gap between the end of the queue and them until they ere swallowed up. Then the bus arrives and she just walked in front of everyone to get onto the bus before them but she wasn’t near enough to me to feel the wrath of the BdJ but her card is marked. Currently having a staring competition with the woman opposite her while stuffing her face with something. Really a horrible example of a human right there, and the little Asian gay seems to lap it up as he hangs on her every word. Aaaah I believe she is French. I heard her speak and they both are speaking another language and it does sound French to my trained ear. That explains a lot as she is younger and clearly has attitude. Fuck off, love and take your mincey sidekick with you. Oompa Lumpa and mother are behind me today and no sign of the Queen Mouth aboard. No wonder it is nice and quiet. I can hear murders from their direction but no lid tapping yet as she makes her transformation from pasty pale to a Ready Break kid. It is a nice empty train this morning but Fridays usually are reasonable. That odd child who doesn’t wear school uniform was on and reminded me of his presence as he got up to get off at Charlton. It’s like he does a tour of different schools every day. I got a waft of chip fat as he walked past which explains a lot. Pusher is still giving disgusted looks to everyone who catches her over eyebrowed eyes. What a vile person.



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