Sorry Baroness of Amazingstoke

21 Nov


I must apologise as I am about to slag off the boys (and girls) in blue. As I came out of work there were three of them… on bicycles. All lit up and protected but riding next to each other rather than in the gutter as law dictates and then they went the wrong way down a one way street – twice. I didn’t let this one slide but they didn’t hear when I questioned why they did it. If this is what other cyclists see then of course they are going to be led by example. I am on the train now and sitting in younger rash mugs again. Twice in as many days which is more than last time. Nice to see the consistency. The new word underneath appears to say deguciay and I have no idea what that means. Then again the phrase younger rash mugs passes me by as well. Can anyone down with the yoof fill me in? Urban Dictionary wasn’t much help to be honest. Maybe it is even too urban for that. I had a companion on my way to Cannon Street this evening so I didn’t get much chance to see fuckwittery in action and it was too dry to see any Wanker Tracks today. It has been a long but fast day today. Meetings galore and tomorrow is going to be much the same. Monthly staff meeting in the morning. Last one we had was in August. Yes, I know. The last one lasted for two hours and I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be even longer as we have all that time to catch up on. I won’t be a happy Bitch until it is over. Christmas party was finalised today though so that is good. I can’t believe it is almost the end of another year. Saying that I have four gigs to attend between now and 19th December. I bought two lots today alone. I think it is time to post now as I need to replace the silence with some banging tunes in order to prepare for that Friday feeling tomorrow. I hope it hits me good.



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