Mini Running Fool

21 Nov

He was walking along behind a girl who I thought he was with until he made his move. Can’t have been more than about 10 or 11 and holding a can of sugary drink in his chavvy paw. He stopped at the edge of the road for what seemed like an age and waited. He was about 20m away from the pedestrian crossing but that would have been too easy for him to use as it involved pressing a button which I think would be beyond him. The school uniform wasn’t one I recognised but whatever school it was from, it wasn’t making a difference in his life. Destined to be a fuckwit. He stood on the curb, and even though there was nothing coming either way for a good 10 seconds, he chose to wait and run right out in front of a lorry coming at his right side and all the while while running like a victim in a horror film, his can of drinky was held right out in front of him on a stuff arm so it wouldn’t spill. As I finally got to where he had arrived on my side of the road I asked if his mummy had taught him how to cross the road properly. Nothing. What a fucking silly little wanker? I had to walk this morning as there was no sign of a bus but if I hadn’t u wouldn’t have seen this silly fool playing chicken with a juggernaut. This is why I feel very little pity for kids who get run over as chances are they are just like this one and being stupid. Same with cyclists but you already know about that. Man has got on the train who looks like that awful choir master – Gareth something – who is now sporting a ginger beard to clash with his mousy brown hair. This bloke on the train thinks he looks good. He looks stupid. He has the same hair and glasses but no ginger beard – he hasn’t seen the new series of celebrity choir master then. I can only say that I know as I spied it while flicking through to something worthwhile and I had to stop and stare at the man and his awful facial hair. Where has that ginger tinge come from? It looks terrible and doesn’t match what he has atop his over-gelled head. Time to post. Being boxed in now by a man desperately supping Lucozade as if he is on the brink of passing out. Jesus give me strength. I need it more than you.


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