20 Nov


Well, the new neighbours can fuck off and die. They had a party last night, for a naming ceremony. I know this because one of their fuckwitted guests came hammering on my door at 9.30pm and got me out of bed to answer and tell them that it was upstairs, and not the house with all the lights out. There were kids running about and I just pray it wasn’t a naming ceremony for a kid that lives there or I will actually lose it. I don’t need that shit. On a Tuesday night to have a party in an upstairs flat is just fucking selfish. I expect nothing less though from that type of person. It wasn’t so much the voices that were pissing me off, but the stamping of kids and then irratic banging on something which I didn’t understand. The voices were loud but not too disturbing and my ear plugs drowned that out. Stamping is a different matter. I hope that that as their one social event of their tenancy agreement and from now on I won’t hear anything. The train is as hot as hell and I’m not even wearing that many layers. Oompa Lumpa and her mother are sitting here nearby and the younger, more orange of the two had dropped her Lucozade lid on the floor of the train. The mother was then scrabbling around under the seats to get it. She found it and said to wipe it off. Good god. Just finish the drink and throw the bottle away rather than putting that now squalid lid back on. As you know, intelligence doesn’t thrive on this train and from that area especially. It still amazes me how quiet they are when Amy Childs wannabe isn’t with them. On to our picture and yes, that is the shop that I mentioned on Monday and as far as I can tell, nobody has done anything to it since then. It looks exactly as it did on Monday. The window is still smashed so the elements are getting in there and spoiling their toaster display and the wall is still crumbling under the battered shutter. Doesn’t anyone own it? Surely that is some sort of hazzard? Fuck me I am glad I sat near the door so I get a blast of cold when we come to a stop. The heat is actually melting my bones now as it is so fucking hot. I think I will post. I want to listen to some music instead of trying to hear what Oompa Lumpa and her mother are whispering about. It is too stressful for me.


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