Too Good To Be True

19 Nov

The flat upstairs from me was vacated about six weeks ago now and the nightmare stampers from hell left quiet in their wake which has been blissful. This silence has only been broken by the moronic builder who insists on running everywhere while doing jobs and only arrived in the evenings and at weekends. That hasn’t been nice at all. I got home last night and my new neighbours moved in. They were just finishing up as I got there at about 7.30pm and I was as pleasant as I could be to them as I asked them to move so I could get in. All was well with a non-stamping night and it was quieter than any other neighbours have been and so I had a confident thought that all would be ok with this lot until I opened the front door to leave for work and was greeted with all their bins and my bins moved. The front garden is filled with what most would consider cat litter and that is in fact what it is used for as well because of the tiny stones. The cats love shitting there. The bins used to be lined up nicely – three on my side of the path and three on theirs. The path is narrowed by the bins and I understand that they moved them out of the way to make room for their stuff coming through but then moving them all and lining them up against the outside wall was madness. I have lived there for nine years and the bins are happy. They come and are there for less than 24 hours and they are taking over. The bin men won’t collect them if they were left where they out them as it would involved dragging them over the stones which make it impossible to move them. I ensured I moved them all back before leaving the vicinity. I am not down for that shit. I often tip toe out of an evening to put my rubbish out and if they think I would like to tiptoe through cat shit in the dark to get to my bin they have another thing coming. I shall see how they are located when I get home and if they have moved again I shall be tapping on the door to lay down the law. Whatever, fools. Onto the journey now and the traffic was heavy on the high street so I knocked the bus on the head and walked. I was worried I was going to be late after fucking around moving six bins before even leaving my threshold but I made it to the station in time. Train is a bit busy again today and there is no reason for this as they all seemed to be running on time. I have my new coat on and I an disappointed that it doesn’t have pockets. That will teach me for buying stuff online. At least it fits and looks better than what I had been wearing which was three sizes too big now I have shed my poundage. Time to post as I want the ipod.


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