Prime Example

19 Nov


I don’t have much to moan about this evening but what I do have I shall make the most of. Cyclist (obviously) who ran a red light and then proceeded to begin dismounting in the middle of the road and then continued up onto the pavement at great speed while riding along on one side of the bike. Apparently this is legal and safe but I must disagree. He might not technically be riding his bike as in peddling but pushing yourself along and using the momentum you have already gathered from speeding through a red light and they just going onto the pavement without any signal that you are doing so at a pedestrian crossing is fucking stupid. I did shout at him but he was already gone. As always nobody else opened their trap. There was a list in the paper yesterday about things that piss people off. It was like reading a few blogs with many things that piss me off on a daily basis but I noticed one massive thing missing from this list. That thing was watching people witness things that piss them off but mot opening their trap about it and just bitching about it later. I obviously do both but I do say when something isn’t right. Cyclists were on this list as were people putting their bags on the seats, people mot looking where they were going while on their phone and people walking slowly. It was so obvious that these things annoy me but I was stating to think I was the only one as everyone else seems to accepting. You don’t have to pick a fight to let these things be known to people – yes, I know that is how I like to do it – but you can still let them know so they do know and they might just think twice next time about doing it. The fool above for example. He isn’t doing anything directly to me although I disagree with how he has chosen to sit but people won’t ask him to move as they are too polite. If everyone were to tell someone that what they are doing isn’t acceptable the world might just be a better place. Looks like I had more to moan about that I thought. I love a train of thought.


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