Smash and Drive

18 Nov

I am not sure what happened but I saw what appeared to be a ram raid attempt but it could have just been a wanker who couldn’t drive around a corner and ended up slamming into a shop. There didn’t look to be any attempt at stealing the toasters that the barbers come post office come money transfer come supermarket come electrical outlet had on display but the window was smashed and the wall was broken down under the window. The security barrier didn’t look as though it had been lifted though so I shall assume that it was just someone who can’t drive and went straight instead of around the corner en route to Woolwich. Not surprised. The train is vile this morning. Moronic woman rambling on that she had a job offer by email saying that an American company are opening an office here in the UK. She is currently on 16k a year for administration and this offered her 27k which is hilarious and quite obviously a scam but that is why she is on a salary of 16k a year. Sitting in front of them occupying all six seats with bags and scabby feet are the ghetto fabulous bitches who made me insert earphones as soon as I sat down. Fuck that shit on a Monday morning. I am going to have to post as I chose to take the inside seat of an alpha male who likes to spread out and obviously thinks that as I have tits and a vagina that I should be at home. No, dear, no.


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