I’ll Do It Then

18 Nov

As always, it seems as though in the City at least, I am the only one with a brain. Outside Liverpool station and walking towards London Wall where it is very narrow because of the Crossrail melee, there are a row of shops. One of these shops – and I think it is TM Lewin – always has an A board outside which is right in the way so you have to smoosh up even more than usual. This evening the sign had been hit by a fuckwit no doubt walking and texting but they just left it poking out even more. I watched numerous people make their way around it but because I cannot stand fuckwittery I decided to move it so that the path was once again clear. It took me all of five seconds and the job was done. What would these morons do without me? The theme of fuckwittery continued as I arrived at Cannon Street this evening and heard an announcement which was broadcast outside of the station. It was calling for the conductor of the Ashford train to make himself known. The train is due to depart at 18.32 and this announcement was made at 18.31 – a delayed train right there and it is always that fucking lazy bastard who has to be sought via announcement. I timed my arrival at the station perfectly this evening as I had to go in search of my toothpaste at Superdrug and Boots but neither had it – where has the liquid toothpaste gone to? I got to the station as the 18.46 was announced and then even though people were already near my spot, they weren’t in the right place to slip on board as soon as one of the two drivers I saw in the cab managed to find the unlock button for the doors. I’m glad Monday is done. My winter coat arrived today which is two days earlier than I had thought and so I shall recommend Asda as they have delivered in my time of need. Time to post now as I want my ipod to drown out the gobby old bint taking up two seats in front of me.


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