Wishing for Number 6

15 Nov


Even though the news has a lot of stories about the cyclists that have been killed in London recently, the ones who are still alive clearly don’t want to remain being alive. I saw too many this evening riding along merrily through red lights and without any lights on their bikes, but they are invincible. The dead ones thought that too. Boris has changed my opinion of him though today as he said something along the lines of – as I can’t find the exact wording now – that cyclists are responsible in a lot of cases for being reckless. Who’d have thought it? I think he is trying to be my new best friend as he knows how cool I am. Perhaps he is coming to his senses and must realise what a huge mistake he has made with those fucking bikes he let’s morons hire. They haven’t helped the problem at all. The trains are unusually fucked for a Friday night and I am on the 18.30 again this evening – leaving at 18.36 – and I know I am going to Abbey Wood as I want chips for dinner. All day I have been dreaming of a lazy evening in front of the television with chips. I have seen two celebrities today; the first was Dr Christian from Embarrassing Bodies who was casually sauntering down the road outside work. The second is below but it is his day today. I did want to rush over, cuddle him and ask him to come home with me for an evening of snuggles but then I thought he is working and will be wanting to help the poor little children rather than cuddling yours truly. He is coming tomorrow instead. Love a bit of Pudsey bear. We are on the move and I shall take that as my cue to post. I bid you a fine weekend, Obborati. Keep warm.



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