Monday Already?

11 Nov

I blinked on Friday evening, and now it is Monday morning again. How did that happen? It’s damp and dull and a bit cold so it is definitely November now. We had fun on the Ghost Bus Tour on Saturday night especially as the Baroness of Balham was somewhat frightened by the experience. I think that made it more  enjoyable as she was hiding behind her hands for most of the trip. I would recommend the trip though to anyone as it was fun and not for kid which was even better. Perhaps if they have kids on the bus though the content would be less adult but we enjoyed Dick Stroker showing us around London at night. On the train which was running on time and Amy Childs wannabe has returned from her mini break and is regaling the minion morons with tales of her weekend. My god she is so boring. I would have ditched her long ago and got on at a different carriage to avoid having to speak – sorry, be spoken at – by her. Those two plebs who sit with her listening to her drivel can’t have anything going on upstairs. I really do need to sit in the spare seat one day so I can video the conversation. It has to be heard to be believed. I think I have to post now as all I can hear is her gobbing on and there is nothing else to write about. Confirmation that she works on reception but that is no surprise as she barely has the intelligence to do that anyway.


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