11 Nov

This evening took so long to come today as I have been ready to lay down since about 6.45am. I am now sitting on the train after fighting with the people with rabies. I can only assume they have rabies as they seem petrified of getting a few drizzly drops of rain on them while walking to the station. It is laughable, especially with the massive golf umbrellas that I presume they use as a pen is extension and these are the men with mid-life crisis cars at the station waiting for them. The “rain” does mean that the streets outside pubs are stay empty which is a good thing but it means the station concourse is slippery and you take your life in your hands when trying to get over it to the platforms. Dancing on ice has a whole new meaning. People still try and run though and just look daft as they skitter along delicately. Fools – just get here on time or wait til the next train. This journey is going to drag now. I have only been on the train a few minutes and it feels like an absolute age. Still seven minutes until we move too. I think I shall post so I can whip out the ipod and try to distract myself with Candy Crush and shit music. At least it will be my own.


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