Faux Rain

8 Nov


Before I begin I must just share what I have just witnessed. A woman who must have been about 300 years old with the biggest hunchback I have ever seen and she was pressing the hole on the connecting doors on the train where they lock them properly to try and get through. There was a helpful girl who pressed the button – which was at her eye level even though this hole she was going for was at least a foot above her – and the doors opened. She didn’t even get between the carriages when the door almost shut on her head as she didn’t shuffle through quickly enough to make the other door open. Give me strength. She then just gave up and walked off. How can people get through life being that stupid? I just thought how hilarious it would have been if she had got stuck in between the two sets of doors as it can need a waved arm to make the other door sense that you are there. I may well have wet myself if that had happened. I have entitled this blog Faux Rain because even though it was pissing down for most of the afternoon it had stopped by the time I left work at six but the morons don’t bother to look up before erecting their umbrellas. The trees weren’t even dripping which shows how long it hadn’t rained for and it was dry for sure. The sea of brollies were awful though and I risked losing my eyes every step of the way. Then when I got to Cannon Street there was a woman who you van see above. It is November now as you know and it has been dull, dreary and wet for most of the day but she has bare arms like it is summer again. I had to get a picture as something like that must be believed. I saw something else funny this morning. – Amy Childs wannabe dragging a barbie pink suitcase behind her after getting off the train at Cannon Street. She gets off the stop after me and I had got off, walked to the bus station, queued for a bus, got on and been held up in traffic and she was only just coming out of Cannon Street when I passed her on the bus 20 minutes later. With any luck she is leaving for good. Then again that case was only big enough to carry her makeup supply for a week. Mingrat. Happy weekend, Obborati.


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