No Drama

7 Nov

Apart from a few tellings off to stupid morons on two wheels there wasn’t anything to report en route to the station this evening. The trains are marginally fucked in the emails but I have heard from the Princess of Plumstead that her journey was fine so I have hope. This morning I got onto the DLR as I had an email to say that the 7.41 had been canceled and because I know that the 7.51 is a new train like a cattle truck I fucked off the whole train thing and opted for the DLR. I got to there just as one was leaving so it was packed so I ended up standing all the way to Bank. Selfish man who got on after me offered one seat to a suitcase wanker and then took the other for himself even though he knew I had been standing since before he boarded a few stops after me. What wonderful manners? I shot him a dirty look when he glanced up to see my reaction. He didn’t like it and soon stared back to his lap and his phone pretending to be busy while his legs were agape airing his cock and balls. It wasn’t a pleasant journey but it was better than if I had got the 7.51 train. I got the Central line from Bank instead of fannying about getting the bus and I walked from Liverpool Street. Got to work just after half past eight so good times. The trains still seem to be ok from Cannon Street. The reason given was “general disruption” but on the Southeastern website it said there was no power at Greenwich which caused problems. I don’t know how as it should just mean that the trains aren’t stopping there but they love a random excuse that nobody can make head nor tail of. On the move now which is my cue to post.


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