Typical Monday

4 Nov

Email alerts about trains from before 6pm being delayed and the train times app says no delays. I am stood waiting on platform 5 for the 18.21 and it is not due until 18.32 and there is no sign of it yet at 18.31. What a wonderful Monday this is? Finally pulled out of Cannon Street at 18.44 which is two minutes before my usual time. Fuck knows what is going on. National Rail website has no details of specific delayed trains just that there were delays. Again I ask why it is so difficult for them all to club together and to inform us of these delays in real time? The last email that I got was about the 18.00 train being delayed. Now I will be getting emails about distant trains well into the evening. Just as I said that an email came through to tell me about the 18.04 and now I give up. Fuck this, I want my ipod. I know I said I will catch up properly but now I can’t be arsed. Perhaps tomorrow morning?


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