Friday Fuckwits

1 Nov

It always seems to be on a Friday that there are more fuckwits than usual. The 7.31 was cancelled so I expect my train to be busy. Now I am at the station for my train and there are people that were waiting for the 7.31 and none of them are in the right place for the doors. How can that be? The 7.31 is an old train just like the 7.41 so they should know where the doors stop if they get it all the time and I expect most of these people do get the same train every day. The fast train went through at about 7.36 and it was packed but it also looked short formed. I hope that that train has collected most of the people who usually get the cancelled train. Oh fuck. I think I have just made the same mistake as yesterday and I am sitting next to the same snotty man with his legs agape. He has a different coat on today in a completely different colour which threw me and he isn’t moving over despite taking up way too much room and he is sniffing like a trooper. Reading a magazine this time though so it may be someone different but he is certainly part of the same breed – complete fuckwit. I have already tried to shuffle over once and I think something was muffled but I shall persevere as he is pissing me right off. This sniffing is going to test my temper today. I don’t know how much I will be able to take. Perhaps it is best to sign off now and get the ipod out. It will also help drown out Amy Childs wannabe who is on board as well and gobbing loudly as she has competition. She is in full Friday feeling mode complete with choking toddler laugh. Fuck this. I shall post. I have my third MRI scan of the year this evening and so I won’t be posting. I may see if I get time on the way home but it will be late.


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