Rock Bottom

31 Oct


I have gone as low as I can do and have heard throat stupid offer to date. Following a post van along Austin Friars Passage and as you know it is very narrow. It is Thursday and the pub people are on the pavement. The van gets stuck and as I am in the road behind it, I have to stop too. No room on the pavement obviously as it is filled with twats stood there with drinks. They don’t even get out of the road for the van to pass them. So I shout at people to get out of the way of the van and two fucking idiots offered the pavement to me, as if it was doing me a favour. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the pavement for people to walk along instead of the road rather than for people to stand on? I can’t actually believe it. I have no choice most evenings but to walk in the road as they are all too self absorbed bit this evening I am offered the pavement to walk on as a treat. Go fuck yourselves. I am livid. I ranted along the rest of the route at anyone who did anything to piss me off, and there were a lot of them. Low points are a woman who chose to stop to look at her phone but she stopped and stood in the middle of the pavement and facing the road. No reason for her to be such a wanker as there was a massive empty entrance space just feet away from her to stand in. Why just stand there right in the bloody way of everyone around you? On to Halloween now and this morning I saw the scene above. An intelligent set of three bus seats cunningly disguised as two fucking idiots and an ugly handbag. Isn’t it a wonderful outfit? You can barely see that there are three seats there for people to sit on, as there are only two people sitting on them spreading out. The man this morning with the breath is below for you. He continued to read like that and tug at his jacket under my ass and then decided to hold the paper in front of him and rest his arm on the seat in front. I thought I should just get up and allow him the space that he clearly deserved. We got stuck outside London Bridge for ages. The train automated announcement said it was due to congestion but I didnt believe that  as the trains were coming and going without any problems either side of us. We got to the station eventually and the platform announcement said the delay was because of a broken down train. What the fuck? Another broken down train tonight at Cannon Street so we are being held up and there is chaos. Oh wow – another train has just pulled in to replace that and it has been reported as having a fault so there will be real bloodshed here tonight as well as fake blood. What a fucking day on the trains and buses. Take me home.



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